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I am just hoping for 1 that will last me awhile, and since they are not light, and going to be a decent effort for my husband and I to get into the house, one that is not broken. It does not need to be new by any means. We have several kids, and I am hoping a simple treadmill will get me moving in the right direction, as it is hard to get out to run when your husband works a lot.
hi was wondering if anyone has a used laptop that i can have to finish school please?
I would like a few (not matching ) deer antlers for decorating. Close to 68th and Eastern SE area. Thanks
looking for a laptop or computer so i can finish school
We recycle and repurpose Used Commercial Carpet Tiles. Contact us at 616.550.9261 or 844FIBRSAV Our goal is Landfill Diversion. Repurposing Reusable materials, the rest are sent for processing to make New Carpet tiles Follow us on FB, IG, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest #carpet #carpettiles #flooring #recycling
I'm currently sleeping on the floor. Anyone have anything that would help and in "good" condition?
I am looking for donations for flexible seating in my classroom. I teach first grade and hope to be able to reach all learners and learning styles, so I would like them to have options to sit where they can best learn. Looking for bean bags, pillows, wiggle seats, stools and anything else you think will work!
Looking for a comfy arm chair to use to read to my first graders in!
Preferably free or low low cost. We are making furniture for our first apartment.
I want the ones with rings, like Ball jars, only
Looking for a crib that is CPSC certified 2012 or newer, needed for foster care.
Wanted Exterior French Doors
Looking for dorm room size fridge in working condition
Hello- I would like this charger! Thanks!
varied colors are fine, for painting a mural.
wanted broken or unused gas powered lawn and yard equipment and small engines not for resale thank and bless you j.k.
I am participating in Art Prize 2017 and I am building a tiny home out of plastic bottles. I am in desperate need of 2 liter soda bottles. Thank you for being apart of my movement!
I am in need of canning jars. I water bath and pressure can often. My husband is on disability and I preserve food to help make ends meet for our family of 5. I would love to give you a jar of fruit preserves as thanks. I am in need of quart size canning jars and can use anything with a brand name. Thanks!
Looking for various plants. Willing to dig up plants in exchange for them, or if you prefer to dig up yourself, that works too. Full plants or divisions of plants. Also willing to exchange for plays I already have. Thanks in advance.
padded seat with back
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